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Enlighten Your Life!

Eve Kodiak live! I’m doing something different. You don’t always know when you are in a box. You can easily pretend that the corrugated cardboard overhead is just another cloudy day. And that you don’t really want to stretch your arms out wide enough to hit the sides. Sometimes, you know you’re in a box. But what […]

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Download for Uplift!

Some of you have asked if you can buy the album . . . now the answer is yes! Ambient Light by Eve Kodiak and Damiel Faxon When you’re in the presence of live music, your ears filter the sound in a personal way. But a recorded album is a “one-size fits all” affair. I wanted a sound […]

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bhakti drum

Miracle Mantra

This mantra was taught at the first kundalini yoga class I attended. The class itself was kind of a miracle – there was live music and towards the end, the room was filled with chanting, and I felt so happy. I hadn’t felt that happy in a long time. Or maybe ever in quite that […]

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New Moon, New Sun, New Year

December 30, 2016 – January 1, 2017 I am thinking about yesterday’s New Moon, and the New Sun we’ll have on New Year’s Day . . . about how body and soul, moon and sun, orbit in beautiful synchrony at times – and how, at other times, they don’t. At least from here, it seems […]

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Note broken trowel, circa 1970.

Dense Body, Light Spirit

When I started Manna With Ketchup I had a vision. I was going to write about the challenges and joys and just plain weirdness of being a spiritual being in a human body. Mid-January, shortly after I got the site up and partially running, my sister put a really difficult twist into my topic. She died. On purpose. She might have […]

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Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep Like a Baby is a new Colors in Motion “Touchstone -“ a half hour video combining images from fine art, floating in a wash of piano improvisations. It’s a peaceful experience, I think, and you can access it free any time you need one of those! Sleep Like a Baby is also an hour-long album of lullabies […]

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