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Some of you have asked if you can buy the album . . .
now the answer is yes!

When you’re in the presence of live music, your ears filter the sound in a personal way. But a recorded album is a “one-size fits all” affair.

I wanted a sound that was misty – yet crystal clear – like drops of dew on a spider web. So we combined layers of reverb like paint – e.g., a tight studio sound for the clean first attack, blossoming into the big hall  of the Concertgebouw. I felt like Leonardo discovering perspective!

Piano and cello have such different sonorities – and Damiel and I had recorded the tracks in separate rooms on headphones. So there were songs when the piano and cello actually needed to be placed in different kinds of rooms, and then blended together again. Engineer Jim was very tolerant of my muscle-checking. I didn’t listen to any of the reverb samples first – I just picked the the little picture that vibrated to me. No do-overs necessary!

Most of these songs were recorded last summer, to birdsong and hot sun and thunderstorms and warm moonlight nights . . . Enjoy the ambience!



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