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I’m doing something different.

You don’t always know when you are in a box. You can easily pretend that the corrugated cardboard overhead is just another cloudy day. And that you don’t really want to stretch your arms out wide enough to hit the sides.

Sometimes, you know you’re in a box. But what you don’t realize is that the box is nested inside another. So when you congratulate yourself on breaking out, you’re really just in a bigger box.

I want to get of the box. Every box. I want to fly.

So I’m doing something different. I’m doing two things I love that I’ve never mixed together in public before. I’m improvising on piano. And singing mantras. With you.

So if you’re in the region . . . come to my coming-out-as-a-kirtan-artist! Sunday June 10 at 5PM at the Milford NH UU Church. And if you can’t be there, stay tuned – you’ll be able to listen to the music here. Videos coming as well.

It’s been a long time coming out of the box . . .

One October morning a couple of years ago, my neighbor Vince came over from is farm with a bag of garlic, and he happened to mention that there were classes in at a nearby yoga studio. So I went. There was live music. We were doing yoga and chanting. I left happier than I’d been in a long time. So I kept going to classes. And eventually became a teacher. And played and sang mantras with my piano at home. So no one ever heard them.

There are no pianos in yoga studios.

But on Sunday, June 10 there will be . My dear friend Siri Bani Kaur will teach a yoga class in the Emerson Room in back of the sanctuary, and we will throw open the doors to where a Steinway is waiting, ready to transform into a kirtan instrument. Or maybe the instrument of kirtan is will fly on the naad – the celestial sound current that creates all being (see why I got into Kundalini yoga?) – into eighty-eight keys and a couple hundred strings and an iron harp.

And me. And you.

And afterwards, there will be stone soup supper – dahl and yogi tea and whatever you bring. And if you can’t make it in person, you’ll be able to listen to it here. And I’ll keep writing. It helps me stay out of the box.

Sunday June 10, 20 Elm St., Milford NH (UUCM side entrance)

3:15 Kundalini Yoga Class with Siri Bani Kaur

5:00 Kirtan-Concert with Eve Kodiak (Taj Prem Kaur)

6:30 Community Supper (dish to share welcomed but not required)

Come to all three! or two! or one! Advance tickets/sign up

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