Sleep Like a Baby goes to the pediatric ward!

The limitations of a hands-on practice are evident – I can only get my hands on so many children. So this notice from Medcalm – a company that sells videos to hospitals – made me really really happy:  “We are adding the new Sleep Like A Baby  1/2 hour  program to the BMP, pediatric offering as one of the basic selections.”

When you pour healing into your music, it is good to know that that love can be felt by more people than you can ever know or see or touch with your hands – especially when those people are children ill enough to be in hospitals.

I am so grateful to Amy Gordon Fisher of Medcalm, who has the vision to find and distribute programs for TV’s in hospitals that are actually healing for the people who watch and listen – and to Linda Dehart and Christopher Graefe, who started Colors in Motion to put some more grace into our every day experience of the world through technology (and whose joint artistic efforts made the beautiful moving visuals to go with Sleep Like a Baby).

But you don’t have to be a child in a hospital to enjoy the program! Sleep Like a Baby Touchstone

And if you’d like to enjoy more love songs and lullabies – including Moon River and Over the Rainbow – the Sleep Like a Baby CD includes all the music on the Touchstone, plus a half hour more.


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